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It's all over

We hope you enjoyed the event despite the disappointment of missing one day through the enforced cancellation of day 3. We did however manage to provide four good competitions and an exciting urban/rural event with a complex twist at the end. Apart from the one bad day, the weather was also very kind giving you the opportunity to experience the other Lake District attractions.

A further explanation of the issues leading to the Day 3 cancellation is given here


Photographs courtesy of Roger Williams, SMOC
Photographs courtesy of Wendy Carlyle, AIRE
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Refunds for Day 3

The offer of a 50% refund of the day 3 entry fee, closed on September 12 and unclaimed refunds are being given to the Pakistan Flood Disaster Fund. The Lakes 5 is making a total donation to the Pakistan Flood Disaster Fund equating to 1/5 of the Five Day event surplus less any refunds claimed.


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