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On-line entries are now open at www.fabian4.co.uk  and will close on July 30th

For other methods of entry see section below
Entries can be accepted from people who are neither members of BOF nor of an international O-Club.

Enter by age class. If you want to run in a different class on some days you have to create separate profiles in step 2 of the online entry process, one for each class.

Fees per day for Age Class Courses

Payment date Senior Junior/Student
Before 31st January £15 £5
1st Feb - 30th April £16 £6
1st May - 30th June £17 £7
1st July - 30th July £19 £8

Full time students who enter at Junior’ rates will have to provide proof of status.

M75L class has been moved to course 10

Course Age Classes
1 M21L, M35L, M40L
2 M45L, M50L
3 M55L, W21L
4 M18L, M20L, M21S, M60L
5 M16A, M35S, W35L, W40L, W45L
6 M65L, M40S, M45S
7 M50S, W50L, W55L
8 M70L, M55S, M60S, W60L
9 M18S, M20S, W16A, W18L, W20L, W65L, W21S
10 M75L, M65S, W18S, W20S, W35S, W40S
11 W70L, W75L, W45S, W50S
12 M80, M85, M70S, M75S, W80, W85, W55S, W60S, W65S, W70S, W75S
13 M14A, M16B
14 W14A, W16B, Light Green
15 M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B, Orange
16 M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B, Yellow
17 M10B, W10B, White

Colour Coded Courses

Colour coded courses are also available for pre-entry

All colour coded entrants will have Open Starts

Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White

These courses are of a lower technical standard than the senior age classes, from White (very easy) to Light Green (medium technical difficulty). There will be no prizes or awards for these classes.

The entry fees per day are £6 for seniors and £3 for juniors/students both for pre-entry and entry-on-the-day

Full time students who enter at Junior’ rates will have to provide proof of status.

SI-card hire will be charged at £1 per day for Seniors and 50p per day for Juniors, payable when entering.


All payment must be in pounds sterling, using a credit or debit card if using the Fabian4 on-line entry system.

(Special arrangements can be made for large group entries. Contact )

Additional information required

Please complete the boxes at the end of the entry form if relevant to your entry.

It will be useful to the organisers to have an indication of expected numbers on the String Courses.

It is essential that we know how many Motor Homes and Coaches will be coming to the event

Rest Day Urban Event

On Wednesday evening there will be an urban event in Ulverston

You can enter this at the same time as you enter the 5 Day event. Choose your start time; early, middle or late when you enter.

The entry fee is £8 for seniors and £4 for juniors/students.

More details on the Urban Event page

Countryside Score Event

On Tuesday evening there will be a Countryside Score event at Cartmel.

You can enter this at the same time as you enter the 5 Day event.

The entry fee is £4 for seniors and £2 for juniors/students.

More details on the Score Event page

Other methods of entry available until June 30th

Postal entry

There are two postal entry forms. One for the main 5 day competition, and a supplementary form for the Urban and Countryside Score events and to order merchandise. You can download the forms by clicking the links below or you can request them by email from  or by post from the Entries Secretary at the address below.

Download the postal entry form for the main 5 day competition as a PDF

Download the postal entry form for the Urban event, Countryside Score event and to order merchandise as a PDF

Send the completed form(s) to:

Entries Secretary, 221 Hale Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 8DN UK .  Enclose a cheque payable to “Lakes 5”.

E-mail entry

Complete the paper entry form(s) and mail to . Payment can be made direct to the event account (payer to pay all costs).

Bank account details will be provided on receipt of the entry. The entry will only be processed when payment has been received.

Cancellation policy

Until July 18th for entries made on-line through Fabian4 using a credit or debit card, you will receive a credit on your card minus a refund administration fee in accordance with the Fabian4 T&Cs. e-mail to request cancellation.

From July 19th to July 30th Use the same procedure (as above) to request a 50% refund.

From July 31st  Refunds for cancellation to recognise exceptional circumstances will be at the discretion of the Event Director and such requests should be made to .

Entry amendments

Until July 18th you can alter your entry details using the competitor Amend Entry function on Fabian4.

Amendments which involve payments/refunds will be dealt with via

From July 19th to July 30th Class changes will be charged at £5 per competitor.  Please pay the relevant fee via the Fabian4 Adhoc Payment feature and state the required change in the reason for payment box.

From July 31st changes will be dealt with at Enquiries at the events, with appropriate fees.

Entry on the Day will be available for all courses (age class and colour coded) while maps and start slots are available. The fee will be the same as the highest pre-entry fee. Assuming entries are available; it will be possible to enter any or all of the 5 days at Event Registration on Saturday, or at Enquiries on Day 1.

Start times

Start times will be in blocks. The 3 hour start period will be divided into 5 blocks and every competitor will have a start time in a different block each day. All members of a club will use the same start blocks, but you can choose to run with a club other than your own. There will be limited flexibility for exceptions to this system.

Split starts will be available for parents (or for any other reason). The first runner will be given a start time in the first start block. The second runner will have an Open Start. The two runners will be given the pre-allocated early start on alternate days.


We are providing a wide choice of event clothing, including a technical top, college hoodies, polo shirts and T-shirts. Details are available on the Merchandise page.

There will be limited stock available for purchase at the event, so you are advised to pre-order your items.


The event will be run under British Orienteering Rules

The organisers reserve the right to retain all or partial fees if the event is curtailed or cancelled.

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Related Information

Lost Property

The remaining unclaimed lost property will be recycled to beginners or disposed of if not claimed by 12th October.

Derek Allison

Day 1 Swindale update

Since printing the event programme we have been notified that there is another ‘1500 competitor event’ on the Swindale area on Sunday as the same time. The other event follows a ‘taped route’ indicated by yellow posts. Maps will be available at the start and in the assembly area indicating the route that the other event takes; courses from the White start are unaffected and not all courses cross the route; please be courteous.