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Final Details

Printed programme preview

Printed copies of the final details leaflet can be collected from registration at the Auction Mart on Saturday or at each day's event, you can open/download a preview of it here

Open or download as a PDFThis hasn't been made available to you because you need to print it, and it is not our intention that you should, it’s just so that you can pre-read it on screen.

It has been designed to be printed double sided on a single sheet of A3 and then folded up in a concertina style to form a small pocket size of 10cm x 7cm.

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Related Information

Lost Property

The remaining unclaimed lost property will be recycled to beginners or disposed of if not claimed by 12th October.

Derek Allison

Quiz Results

Many thanks for entering the quiz, winners were Ed Lines and Heather Smithard. Some questions were easy with a bit of googling, others required a bit of lateral thinking. The hardest question was about Quentin’s training which resulted in answers from none to well over 24 hours a week.

Prize winners

If you were unable to attend the Prizegiving on Friday, or did not get your Day Prize, you can contact the Entry Secretary to arrange collection. Sue will be at the White Rose and the BOC events in September (at the MDOC feather).


CompassPoint, Ultrasport, Tom’s/Continental Catering and O Nosh will be in attendance at each day’s event; refreshments at the Registration day will be provided by the Auction Mart, Café Ambio.

Training Areas

The two training maps can now be downloaded. There will be a limited supply of maps at registration / event info, but these may run out and you are recommended to download and print your own maps in advance.