We are providing a wide choice of event clothing, including a technical top, college hoodies, polo shirts and T-shirts. Details are available on the Merchandise page
The facility to pre-order items is now closed. There will be limited stock available for purchase at the event.

Download/open the whole merchandise catalogue as a PDF

All profits from merchadise sales goes to North West Junior squad.
Any questions please get in touch with Sue Butterfield ()
All orders will be available to collect from the Registration day and all event days.
All supplied in children’s and adults sizes.

Item Child Adult
O Tops by Sivensport £18 £24
Polo shirts (embroidered logo) £11 £14
Hoodies £14 £18
T shirts £8 £9


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Hoodie blue,

Hoodie blue

Hoodie red,

Hoodie red

Polo blue,

Polo blue

Polo red,

Polo red

T-Shirt blue,

T-Shirt blue

T-Shirt red,

T-Shirt red

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Lost Property

The remaining unclaimed lost property will be recycled to beginners or disposed of if not claimed by 12th October.

Derek Allison

Day 1 Swindale update

Since printing the event programme we have been notified that there is another ‘1500 competitor event’ on the Swindale area on Sunday as the same time. The other event follows a ‘taped route’ indicated by yellow posts. Maps will be available at the start and in the assembly area indicating the route that the other event takes; courses from the White start are unaffected and not all courses cross the route; please be courteous.