Lost Property and prizes, see the main article for details

BOF Results and Ranking Points - apologies for the delay in uploading results to the BOF website. This was due to technical issues beyond our control which are now resolved, results and ranking points for BOF members are available.

Results - additional Results links e.g. Splitsbrowser, String course results etc. can be found on the individual Day pages.

Christmas Cards



Race reports

Brief reports on each of the competition days


Registration/Event Centre

There will only be an event centre for Registration on Saturday 28th July. This is fairly conveniently located for most people entering the Lake District.


Competition Info

Competition information has been updated for the five individual national events between Sunday 29th July and Friday 3rd August 2018 with one rest / activity day.


Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions.


Training Areas

Areas to use to get used to Lakes terrain

2 training areas have been provided to help prepare you for the races. One is typical of Lake District Forests and the other is a high open fell.