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Day 1 Silver How

Sunday 29th July

Details for Silver How.



Nearest town: Grasmere
Grid Ref: NY340072
Postcode: LA22 9SH
Latitude: 54.45455
Longitude: -3.01670
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Race Report

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Organising Club

Deeside Orienteering Club


Planner ; Pete Ownes
Organiser ; Clare Crocker
Controller ; Michael Pearson (WCOC)


GR NY 340072 Postcode: LA22 9SL Bus services 555 & 599 from Kendal every 20 minutes. Bus stop “House for Dove Cottage” is close to assembly. By car: Approach Grasmere via A591 access from Stock Lane roundabout at southern end of Grasmere bypass. Do not enter Grasmere village from northern junction. 


Adjacent. No room for club tents.

Due to a double booking of the Grasmere Show Field, there will be the local children’s sports day in the middle of the event car park; egg and spoon, sack, fell etc. please drive slowly on the access roads. The crossings will be supervised by fluorescent jacketed officials.

Start directions and climb etc.

2.3 km 240 m climb. The first 1.4 km though the village is on tarmac and includes road crossing and sections without footpaths. The final 900m follows a steep narrow, rough path onto the fell. 


Near to the start. Return route back through clothing dump.


Surveyed and drawn by Martin Bagness. Courses 1-7: A3, courses 8-17: A4. Cairns (stone piles) are not shown (they are shown on all other maps) as they are too numerous and too small. 


Silver How, is a broad lumpy ridge at 400m with a wealth of rock and contour detail. The terrain is very runnable, patches of bracken, shown as green hatching on the map, are a severe impediment to progress and are best avoided. The longer courses visit Blea Rigg, which is higher (up to 530m) and more rugged. Paths are few and far between so both the white and yellow courses follow taped routes at times. These are marked by canes with red and white tape streamers. Part of the yellow course follows a stream.

Safety Information

In the event of getting completely lost, head north until you come across a path and follow it down to the village. The area is on high exposed fells so be prepared for possible severe weather. Please ensure children have adequate supervision walking through the village to the start.

Other Information

Registration and enquiries will be in the pavilion on the west side of the car park. Grasmere town can be very busy during the holiday period. Walkers will also be using the routes up to the start which is very narrow and steep  in parts. Please allow plenty of time. Parking will be very tight, please park close to your neighbours as directed by the parking team.

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