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Day 5 Dale Park

Friday 3rd August

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Nearest town: Haverthwaite
Grid Ref: SD352927
Postcode: LA12 8AB
Latitude: 54.25128
Longitude: -3.01353
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String Course
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Organising Club

Lakeland Orienteering Club


Planner ; Dick Towler
Organisers ; Judy Burge and Dave Neild
Controller ; David Rosen (SROC)


If you want to see photos of the various days, one place to see them is the collection put together by Laurence Johnson


Signed from A590 at Haverthwaite crossroads, GR SD340842, LA12 8AB. Approx. 6 miles to Parking in fields at Dale Park, GR SD352927, LA12 8LJ. No coaches or caravans, the latter may be left at Haverthwaite on the old road immediately on the right after turning off the A590. It is recommended that large campervans are also left on the old road and their owners get lifts from there.

A message from the day organisers

Would all competiors allow plenty of time to reach Day 5 parking. There are some long stretches of very narrow road with few passing places and some serious 'pinch points'. We have managed to divert the really large logging lorries, but to date, not the bin lorry which will be coming down from Dale Park in the morning. There will also be locals travelling up and down, please be courteous If you have a large vehicle/motor home that may add to the congestion, would you please leave it at Haverthwaite, by turning right immediately after turning off the A590 ( GR SD 340842) This will be signed. There should be plenty of orienteers willing to give people a lift. Thank for your cooperation


Adjacent to parking.

Start directions and climb etc.

0.5km with 75m climb. String Course 200m. 


200m back to assembly.


Platforms (circular charcoal-burning areas) shown with black circle ISOM 530.
With the approval of British Orienteering map group, because of the close proximity of lots of the controls, we have not used the 10mm diameter circles now specified in ISOM 2017 for 1:7,500 scale maps, but have used the smaller 7.5mm diameter circles, making the overprint smaller and clearer. Because of the intricacy of some of the terrain, we requested British Orienteering map group to approve the use of 1:5,000 scale maps for the M/W70s and older, but did not receive approval. We recommend that all older runners carry a magnifier.

Note on embargoed area

‘Dale Park was used for a coaching session last November involving M/W16s and their coaches from all the UK junior regional squads. Lakes 5 Days competition areas should not be used for orienteering during the 12 preceding months, but following the switching of this event from Graythwaite East to Dale Park last August, this prior commitment was overlooked.’


Dale Park is a delightful area of largely runnable, steep oak woodland, with lots of intricate contour and rock detail. The longer courses have climb in excess of 5%. Courses 1 to 4 also visit an adjoining coniferous area of lower visibility. Competitors on these courses should consider wearing eye protection, as there are lots of sharp branches at head height. There are areas of slower vegetation, particularly bracken, though this has been cut back at control sites and on some legs on courses 15, 16 and 17. Course 17 is technically harder than a normal td1 course. Competitors have to follow streams, walls and fences, as well as paths and tracks. Approaching the finish, competitors on both courses 16 and 17 have to follow the route of an overhead power line, so must remember to look up, as there is no line feature on the ground. Any course 17 juniors who are not confident identifying and following these various line features should be shadowed by an adult who has already completed his/her run.

Safety Information

Drive carefully/considerately on the narrow lanes from Haverthwaite. Beware mountain bikers in the competition area. Safety bearing W to narrow lane. No tents or banners may be positioned under the overhead power lines in the Finish field.

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