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Training Areas

Areas to use to get used to Lakes terrain

2 training areas have been provided to help prepare you for the races. One is typical of Lake District Forests and the other is a high open fell.


Training is open from Sunday 22nd July to Sunday 4th August. There are two areas: Simpson Ground (forest) and Pike of Blisco (open fell).

No officials will be present at the training. Runners will not be logged out and their safety is their own responsibility. Pike of Blisco is high and exposed with many large crags – take care and wear appropriate clothing.

Maps with courses can be downloaded here.

Simpson Ground

Pike o'Blisco

They are not available anywhere else. The training has been organized to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Care, a national charity that supports cancer patients and their families. Please consider making a donation at or at event enquiries; our suggestion is £5 per map.

Information on location, parking, markers etc is given on the maps.

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