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Competition information at 28 July 2022


At the time of writing, Covid-19 is still active in the community. At present there are no plans to take special precautions but this may change. It is really important that all participants read and abide by the British Orienteering COVID-19 Code of Conduct before, during and after competing. 

Day 4 Courses 11 & 12

The terrain in Grizedale Raven Crag that was most suitable for veterans was a long way from the car park, at the north end. That would have involved a 2.5+km walk to the start with 100m climbing and a 2km walk back from the finish. The terrain most easily accessed from the current start isn’t as veteran friendly as we’d like and still involves a 1.2km and 100m climb to the start.

As a consequence, we've taken the decision that the veteran courses 11 & 12 will have their Day 4 courses on Dale Park, the same area as they had their middle race on Tuesday. Clearly the planners have looked at where the middle went and planned accordingly. There is no change to the parking arrangement since Raven Crag and Dale Park are on opposite sides of the road.

We think that this is a really good option as that terrain is high quality oak woodland with excellent rock and contour detail and most suitable for our veteran competitors.

If you would prefer to change course for that day at no charge; please get in touch as soon as possible.

Course combinations

Start Colour Course Age Classes
White 1 M21L, M35L, M40L
White 2 M45L, M50L
White 3 M55L, W21L
White 4 M18L, M20L, M21S, M60L
White 5 M16A, M35S, W35L, W40L, W45L
Blue 6 M65L, M40S, M45S
Blue 7 M50S, W50L, W55L
Blue 8 M70L, M55S, W60L
Blue 9 M18S, M20S, M60S, W16A, W18L, W20L, W65L
Blue 10 M65S, W18S, W20S, W21S, W35S, W40S
Red 11 M75L, W70L, W75L, W45S, W50S
Red 12 M80, M85, M70S, M75S, W80, W85, W55S, W60S, W65S, W70S, W75S
White 13 M14A, M16B
White 14 W14A, W16B, Light Green
White 15 M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B, Orange
White 16 M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B, Yellow
White 17 M10B, W10B, White

Age Class courses

A full range of age class courses are available. We’d prefer entries to be made online up to the day you wish to run. Entry will be available on the day at registration whilst there are available start times and maps.

Colour coded courses

White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green colour coded courses are available.  Entry will be available on the day, at registration from 9.30am until 12 noon. Colour coded competitors will be required to have a bib and complete the medical information on the reverse.

String courses

There will be String courses provided each day for young children, using special maps. There will be no charge. A mixture of pin punching and electronic punching will be used during the week. Register at the string course on event days. Courses are available between 10:00 and 15:00.

Courses 16 & 17

Copies of courses 16 (Yellow) & 17 (White) will be on display in the assembly area each day. On some days, red and white taped routes have been used to assist young competitors where line features are less obvious or where no line feature exists; please ensure our young competitors are aware of this.

Shadowing children

We must ensure that the competition is fair to everyone. If juniors require shadowing, they must enter the colour coded courses. No shadowing will be allowed before your own run. The adult shadower must not pick up a map at the start.


Whistles must be carried by all competitors to be used only in an ‘injury emergency‘ to summon help. Blow the whistle 6 times, 1 minute break and then repeat until help arrives. It is a competitor’s responsibility to respond to a fellow competitor’s request for such help.

Safety and remote finishes

As the majority of our events have a remote finish, it is essential that all competitors visit the download tent AS SOON AS POSSIBLE whether or not they have finished their course.

Single drivers

Although we’d prefer you not to arrive in a car on your own, we’d encourage you to use the car key drop at Registration/Enquiries as an additional safety check. Keys are left at your own risk.

Electronic Punching

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used, and all versions of SI card are accepted. Control units will be SIAC enabled although ALL competitors have to punch at the start and finish boxes including those using SIAC. Competitors must use the SI card that they quoted on entry OR if different, get this changed before going to the start. Please clear your SI cards at the pre start. Please download as soon as possible. If you fail to receive the feedback, beep/flash signifying a successful punch, you must use the back-up pin punch to punch your map to prove you’ve been to the control.

Control Description Sheets

All age class and colour coded courses will use pictorial description sheets. Control descriptions will be printed on the competition maps and loose copies will be available in the start lanes on waterproof paper. Courses 16 & 17 will have the option of loose written and pictorial descriptions, written will be printed on the maps.

Number bibs

Bibs can be collected from any of the race sites. They must be worn on all days. Please write relevant medical information and next of kin contact details on the back of bibs (e.g. allergies). Please bring pins to attach your bib.

Pre-Start Map Viewing

Blank maps will be displayed in assembly and in start lanes. Competitor’s maps will not be collected after your run, please do not show your map to anyone who has not yet started.

Start Times

Starts are from 10:30 to 13.30 with courses closing at 16:00 except on Tuesday when they close at 15.30. It is the competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the start on time. Runners not on time will be started as soon as possible, but there may be long waits for a free slot. All competitors MUST punch the start unit after they leave the start line including those using SIAC! Persistent deviation from allocated start times may be investigated by the organisers. Bibs will display ‘Open’ for competitors who do not have pre allocated start times (all colour coded entries and parents with split starts). A start list will be displayed in assembly. Call up at -4.


The following colours will be used: red/white – out of bounds, crossing points and taped routes in terrain. Yellow/black – danger, there are many hundreds of crags in the areas, some very high, these are not taped.

Competitor clothing

Due to the risk of ticks and blood-borne diseases, full body cover, not torn, is compulsory when the competition area is forested on days 3, 4 & 5 this means legs and torso. On day 4, arm cover is also recommended.

In the event of poor weather, wind and/or rain, waterproof hooded jackets may also be compulsory on some of the days, particularly days 1 & 2. These rules will be checked at both the start and finish of the race. If the weather is very benign on these days the organisers reserve the possibility of allowing shorts to be worn for courses on the open areas, a notice will be displayed on arrival at the race site.

On days 1 & 2 where starts and finishes are remote, there is a possibility of depositing clothing near to the finish; these are public areas so you do so at your own risk. Bring a waterproof bag for clothing storage and please remember to collect it after your run.

Competitor’s medical conditions

We will be providing NW Medics first aid cover at all events. If you suffer from a medical condition, please complete the reverse side of the bib with appropriate details and contact information.


Adders are found in most parts of the Lake District on hot sunny days, leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

E coli

E coli may be found where farm animals have been grazing, this includes the fields used for car parking and assembly as well as the competition areas. It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly before eating.


Pre ordered clothing should be collected from the stall at the registration day or in assembly on race days. A limited range of Lakes 5 Day clothing will be on sale, cheques/cash only.


Could you please take all litter home with you.


As part of our commitment to the Lake District environment we are asking competitors to support actions to minimise the introduction or spread of non-native species and diseases such as phytophthera pamorum (larch) and ash dieback. Everyone is asked to arrive at the event with clean dry clothing and footwear. After finishing there will be footbaths to rinse your shoes and reduce the spread to other race sites.

Environmental statement and water

Although many people are travelling a long way for our event we are endeavouring to reduce the event’s environmental impact as much as possible. We will not therefore be providing bottles of water for competitors at the finish or on the courses. You will be expected to bring your own water. If you are intending to take a water bottle to the start on the ‘remote mountain start days’, could you please ensure that the bottle is fully crushed before depositing it in the bin liners provided, one of the volunteer organising team will have to carry it down although offers from ‘finished competitors’ to help with this would be most welcome! We would also like competitors to take their own rubbish ‘home’ with them. We are trying to reduce the use of ‘single use’ plastic and there will be fewer bespoke signs than in previous years.

Car park exits

As all of the car parks have a single track entrance, competitors are expected to arrive after 9.00 and before 12.00 and will not be allowed to leave until after 12.30.


Maps Scales

Maps are drawn to ISOM 2017.

The map scale on days 1, 2 & 5 will be 1:10,000 for courses 1 – 10 & 13 – 15 and will be 1:7500 for courses 11, 12, 16 & 17.

The map scale on days 3 & 4 will be 1:7,500 for courses 1 – 10 & 13 – 15 and will be 1:5,000 for courses 11, 12, 16 & 17.

Map sizes will be ca. A3 or A4.

Map Contour Intervals

The contour interval on all maps is 5 metres.

Map Bags

Maps will be printed on waterproof paper, they will not be bagged. Although not necessary, if competitors wish to cover their maps, they will have to bring their own map cases.


Competitors are responsible for picking up the correct map; the course number will be in a large font on the front of the map. Maps will not include a legend but copies of the legend will be available for collection from enquiries in the assembly area. Maps will be printed with the control descriptions on the front. Separate control description lists will be issued in the start lanes, it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they collect the correct course descriptions and do not litter the area by dropping them during their run.

Non Standard map

On day 1 at Swindale; the maps will NOT have the ‘rough open screen’ even though the entire areas are ‘rough open’. The maps will have a ‘white, open forest’ colour to improve clarity and save ink! Day 2 uses the ‘normal’ rough open symbol.

Fences and walls overprinted with purple lines must only be crossed at marked crossing points; this is particularly important on Day 5.


Results will be on display in assembly and regularly updated on the web. Wi-Fi will be available in assembly where possible. Results books will not be printed. 

Event scoring system

For all classes, points will be awarded for each day’s result using the following formula.

Runner's score = 1000 + 200 x (MT-RT)/ST

MT is the mean of the top 90% of each course (excluding n/c, disq, dnf, etc)
RT is the runner's time
ST is Standard Deviation

Competitor’s overall scores will be the sum of their best four scores of the week. Prizes to overall winners will be awarded to the first 3 competitors in all junior age classes, the first 3 in senior Long classes and the winners of senior Short classes.

Complaints, Protests and Appeals

Complaints should be made to the Day Organiser either orally or in writing at the information tent up to 16.00 on the day of the competition. There is no fee for a complaint. The Day organiser is the adjudicator of a complaint. A protest can be made against the Organiser’s decision, in writing to the Controller. Protests will be considered by the jury. 


There will be a prize giving at 3.30pm on the last day in the assembly area. Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 competitors in all junior age classes, the first 3 in senior Long classes and the winners of senior Short classes. If you cannot come to the prize giving on day 5 could you please make arrangements for someone to collect your prize following the ceremony?

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