We are providing event branded clothing of a technical top and a Buff.

Both can be ordered with your entries or direct to the organiser below. Orders will close on 31st May and will be available for collection on day 1.

You may be able to order items at the event to be posted to you later.

All profit goes towards NWJS funds so thank you to everyone who purchases.

Online orders will close on May 31st

Download/open the O Top sizes chart as a PDF


Item Adult Child
O Top by Bryzos £30 £23
Buff £10 N/A

Not being able to sell during the event  means that returns or exchanges will not be possible (unless there is a manufacturing defect).In past years we have ordered extra merchandise to sell at the event and this has been available for exchanges if you didn’t order the correct size. At the moment we do not expect to be ordering extras to sell at the event. However, if this is the case at the time, you will be able to order items at the event, pay for them by cash/cheque and we will post them to you later. Nevertheless, you are advised to pre-order through the entry system.  

We are aware that this makes purchases more difficult however size charts are available for all the products and Sue Butterfield (our Merchandise Coordinator) will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

For some items, it may be possible to pre-order sizes not stated in this catalogue. Please e-mail Sue  at if you have any specific requests you wish to discuss.

All orders are subject to stock availability at the suppliers but we will get in touch with you to discuss any problems should they occur.

The merchandise will be available for collection from the assembly field throughout the week of Lakes 5 days. This will be organised in a COVID-secure way and we will send you information about how this will look closer to the event.

Merchandise must be ordered by 31st May for delivery at the event. After that date, no changes or cancellations will be possible because the merchandise is being custom-made.

If we do have the extremely unfortunate outcome of making a GO decision, but are later forced to cancel, we will have proceeded with the merchandise order and will post the items on at no further cost

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O Top

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Sizes chart